Lead Staff

Josh Kennedy
Executive Chef

Brandon Bernstein
General Manager


Why Gray?…Because
Nothing is ever
Black and White…

A new upscale gastropub in Studio City that boasts a reinvented and modern take on classic fare within a relaxed and urban setting.

Fine wines, local craft beer, and specialty cocktails are paired alongside fresh, sustainable ingredients, featured in the eclectic menu by accomplished Executive Chef Josh Kennedy.

The Gray’s urban industrial design is carefully curated throughout the interior and exterior patio for a casual dining experience that compliments the canopy of flavors found in every dish.

chef josh kennedy

Executive Chef Josh Kennedy has been cooking since he was a teenager and a passion for food was instilled in him at a young age.

Being a Los Angeles native, the city and its diversity is exemplified in his food. Always learning, Chef is a graduate of CSUN and Culinary Institute of America Napa. He has an extensive and eclectic resume that includes working with Chefs such as Sang Yoon, John Sedlar, Perry Hoffman and Rene Ortiz. Having such great mentors impressed a heavy respect for food in Him.

Specializing in farm to table seasonal cooking, utilizing all of the plants and animals and minimizing waste within the restaurant, Chef Josh shows that respect. 
-Chef Josh Kennedy

General Manager Brandon Bernstein

Brandon Bernstein has over 15 years Restaurant experience. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu where he got an Associates and a Bachelors in Hospitality Management. From a young age, Brandon always had a love for food and the fast pace of restaurants.

He has worked in critically acclaimed restaurants such as Wilshire Restaurant, Faith & Flower and the Michelin Starred Il Falconiere in Cortona, Italy.

Brandon has run a multitude of different styles of restaurants and is excited for the future of Gray Tavern. Brandon came to Gray Tavern because of a willingness to help brighten up the beverage and food scene in Studio City thru hand selected wines made by small producers and a love for craft beer and cocktails. A true love for mezcal, Brandon has helped source some rare, small batches mezcals while helping to improve the current selection of spirits.

Brandon has a true love for small production spirits and believes that when you have someone who loves making a product and can take the time to handcraft it, that the flavors can speak much more boldly.

-General Manager Brandon Bernstein